A story about identity, belonging and displacement, Kill the Black One First is the memoir from Michael Fuller - Britain's first ever black Chief Constable, whose life and career is not only a stark representation of race relations in the UK, but also a unique morality tale of how humanity deals with life's injustices.

Suddenly, a
single cry
rose from
inside the crowd.



In this moving, hard-hitting, honest memoir Michael will reflect on his life growing up in care and his extraordinary experiences facing racial and cultural barriers during his career in the police force. Michael worked on cases that became political tipping points like the Stephen Lawrence investigation and the Brixton riots, which are forever etched into our national consciousness, and have shaped our identity as a people and as a country.

There was a roar.
like laughter,
like fury,
the fury of the mob.

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“As the nation becomes more divided, I question how hard it is to feel that you belong and if you can ever truly identify with a group, an institution or a country that doesn’t see you as one of its own.
My aspiration for this book is to inspire others to overcome adversity, follow their passion, and ultimately to achieve success.  
I hope this will be a thought provoking and compelling journey.”
Michael Fuller, QPM, MBA, LLM, BA, LLD (Hon)